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  • Effective collaboration has become critical in a complex work world where employees are geographically dispersed, travel and budgets have been reduced, and information overload is considered normal. TechTeam helps organizations to meet these challenges with industry-leading Collaboration solutions to help them:

    • • Build trust and accelerate decisions with rich, reliable interactions
      • Quickly form teams across boundaries, companies, and continents
      • Provide customers with instant access to experts
      • Effectively share the most relevant business information
    • Finding innovative ways to lead business growth is critical in the current sales environment. Customers expect more, resources are limited and the competition is fiercer than ever. By combining Collaboration technologies with process and culture changes, your sales organization can:

    • • Enhance productivity and teamwork by reducing communications delays within and outside your organization
      • Reach more customers and access new markets by virtualizing sales specialists and making expertise available globally
      • Increase time spent face-to-face with customers and partners through virtual demonstrations and meetings
      • Accelerate sales approval times and decision making with collaboration-enhanced sales applications
      • Align, motivate and train your team, using innovative collaboration communities that let you share best practices
    The bottom line? Measurable business impact.