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  • Comprehensive Virtualization

    Virtualization technologies and services that bring network, compute/storage, and virtualization platforms closer together to provide unparalleled flexibility, visibility, and policy enforcement within virtualized data centres.

  • Desktop Virtualization

    Enterprise IT departments are realizing virtualization is not just for servers. Delivering more inexpensive desktop computing solutions through virtualization also drives down operational expenses. Corporations worldwide are turning to VDI for virtualization solutions that are optimized for large scale use which delivers the secure virtual desktop infrastructure that simplifies PC support while reducing costs up to 90% per users.

  • Quick facts

    • Reduce Operational Expenses
      Manage one virtual desktop OS for every 30 end-users thus reducing the number of operating systems to maintain by up to 97%.
    • Works with What You Have
      Integrates easily with your existing VDI infrastructure, and supports all major VDI technology including VMware, Citrix, VirtualBox Hyper-V. Supports heterogenous VDI environments and avoids vendor lock-in.

    Deploys in Days, Not Months
    Too many VDI solutions are a nightmare to implement or they force companies to install more than they need. We deliver solutions of uncompromising quality and simplicity, on time, every time. Deploy in hours or days, not weeks or months.

  • Flexible Platform Options
    We deliver solutions that support operating system heterogeneity and choices. You can rapidly create virtual desktops for the Windows and Linux operating environments.